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  1. Drive Electric Orlando Officially Launches

    We are excited to have officially launched our program that encourages Orlando-area visitors to rent plug-in electric vehicles during their stay. Our mission has been well received both locally and nationally, and we are grateful for the large amount of recognition and open-armed welcome. Below you will find a few of the recent articles that explain our mission and desire for change. Thanks for all of the support!

  2. Electrify Your Next Meeting with Orlando’s Newest Ride

    Looking to add some electricity to your Orlando meeting?

    Drive Electric Orlando has the answer: a new tourism industry partnership that puts your attendees behind the wheel of plug-in electric cars.

    For meeting planners and attendees, this rental car initiative is an opportunity to experience something fun and new, while also skipping the gas lines, reducing the organization’s environmental impact, and truly making a difference.

    This is about much more than rental cars… it is a true partnership of rental agencies, top hotels, major attractions, the Electrification Coalition and Central Florida government. Already America’s tourism leader, Orlando is now becoming a leader in sustainable tourism.

    Orlando’s tourism corridor features one of the most robust networks of electric car charging stations in the country, and many meeting/convention hotels are offering special amenities to Drive Electric Orlando participants, from free valet parking and free overnight charging to discounted room nights.

    We would love for your organization to be among the first to experience this new program. Plug-in electric vehicles available through the program can be rented directly through Enterprise Rent-A-Car by going to Plug-in electric vehicles can be rented for as little as $30 per day, and the charging cost is a fraction of the price of gasoline!

    Download this information to share with your team (PDF)

  3. Drive Electric Orlando Soft Launch Is Underway

    Drive Electric Orlando is a groundbreaking program designed to encourage visitors to America’s top tourism destination to rent plug-in electric vehicles.  By providing a means for vacationers and business travelers from around the country to experience an “extended test drive,” the goal of the project is create more familiarity with the technology and help speed up the mass adoption of electric cars across the United States.

    This first-ever large scale electric car rental project will have its official public launch in September 2013.

    Between now and then, select visitors and business travelers can take part in the “soft launch” of Drive Electric Orlando.

    Vacationers who use travel agents who are members of the Sabre Travel Network have the opportunity to book an electric car on their vacation.

    Business travelers and meeting attendees can electrify their next convention by booking a car using the link below.

    It’s all leading up to an electrifying launch of Orlando’s newest “thrill ride” later this year!